Things to come:

Hello, and welcome to our site! We are excited to be putting this website together and are looking forward to the things to come! We will be updating our website as stories, art, pictures, facts, and other fun information comes available.

Some of the exciting things to come include posting to the web YOUR stories and artwork about vampires! We will be selecting from submissions by the members of the clan at In the not too distant future we will be holding contests for writers (fact or fiction) and artists. Winners will become eligible to participate in having their work published in a book dealing with vampires. Prizes may even be awarded in the future as our clan grows.

We are also looking forward to hosting even more contests for Halloween! We will be looking for submissions for pumpkin carving and costumes as well!

Coming soon we will have a section devoted to vampire sighters, where you can recount your experiences with
vampires to share with others.

Check out our blog pages. You can connect with other members of the clan and interact with each other to discuss all sorts of information regarding vampires, clans and bloodlines. The best part of this site is YOU! Participation in our site will help the aspiring writer or artist to get his or her name out there across the internet and around the world. Think of how exciting it could be to see your creations compiled with others into a book of short stories. Or have your artwork printed for all to see.

Another fun area to come is the vampire store, where we will be filling the shelves with all sorts of vampire items as they become available.

We hope to continue to create a fun and entertaining website for everyone! So check back often and feel free to drop us an email as we'd love to hear from you. As we get things set up, we will be sending update notifications and newsletters to subscribers.

There are a lot of exciting things to come, and we hope that you are as excited as we are to share our appreciation of vampires!